Want to experience life from a brighter perspective? ☀️

Back when we were young, most of us used to be so carefree and the majority of our days were spent just having fun,not caring about anything else. Ah, the happy days.

But as we get older, our responsibilities gradually increase over time. The older you get, the more things you need to do,whether you like them or not.

Because of these constantly increasing “duties”, sometimes we forget to take a break and just let go of all the responsibilities for a while and just relax. To have fun. To have some “me” time.

This is where my blog comes to the rescue! Ew, that was a little too cheesy. Haha!

Childish Positivity? What the heck does that mean? 🤔

Okay, Childish Positivity. The meaning behind the blog name is actually literal.

Childish, because you see, I’m a “little” bit childish, ha, see what I did there? trying to make myself look a little less bad.

Yeah, I am aware that I am very childish and even though childishness has a negative connotation to it, that is actually one of my favorite traits about myself.

I decided to incorporate that part of me into this blog, even make it one of the “main ingredients” for the overall theme,because that trait is a big part of who I really am. I want to show as much of me to you as possible. To connect with you guys.

The Positivity part, well you might have guessed it already, it’s pretty obvious. That is because this blog will mainly be about things that will help you have more positivity in your life.

To experience life from a brighter perspective.

I really like the “catchphrase” I finally came up with. Lots of trial and error were done before I came up with that. Most of them were either too cheesy or doesn’t really represent what my blog is about.

Excuse me? Please introduce yourself first? 🙄

Oh, I am sorry. I should’ve introduced myself first. You were probably like, “Who the heck even is this guy rambling on sappy stuff about positivity even? I don’t even know him”. My apologies. That was a little rude.

Hello there! I am Von, the author of this blog.Nice to meet you!

Basic “technical”, kinda boring stuff about me 😴

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, as it might get a little too boring and unnecessary. Here goes!

  • 🏷️ Name: Von Louis Silva (but you can just call me Von)
  • 🗓️ Age: currently 20 now, turning 21 this 2020 (mentioned the year in case I forget to change it)
  • 🗺️ Country: Philippines (if you are a fellow Filipino, Magandang Araw sayo!, that means Good Day to you! in our language)
  • ♋️ Zodiac Sign: Cancer (if you’re into astrology stuff like me)

Here goes the emotional, sappy stuff, BE WARNED ⚠️

Feel free to skip this part, as it will just be me talking stuff about me, and I don’t want me to be the focus of this blog,anyway. Just kidding. If you still want to continue, keep reading.

Wrong career path 💼

I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. The plot twist though, halfway through my college years,I realized that I actually don’t like that course. I still finished it though, just for the sake of graduating.

For some reason, I thought I would just be playing games (because in my head, computer means games, silly me) and boy, I was so wrong. Turns out, most of the time, we would be making programs, using these complicated (at least for my teeny-tiny brain) programming syntax and rules.

No disrespect to the people who are passionate about programming out there, I really am wowed by you guys, but for me, it was just not my thing. It felt wrong. It was just not my passion.

My strong love for writing 🖊️

However, since then, I REALLY enjoyed writing essays, both on its own and during exams. It felt natural to me. I feel like I can just express myself, my thoughts. I just loved doing them.

And that, is the main reason I decided to start blogging. I could possibly make a living while still being able to express myself and my thoughts.

Also, I would be able to connect with many people, make new friends, be able to help them. The thought of this just made me feel so happy, so passionate.made me feel so happy, so passionate.

This is when I realized that blogging might be the right thing for me.

My depression story 🙁

You see, I was a little problematic during my childhood and teenage years. What I mean by that is, I was painfully shy and awkward, and because of that, I didn’t make many friends and was by myself most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fun being alone sometimes and you get to move at your own pace, but being alone for so long gets lonely, not to mention I had several “personal issues” too back then.

I continued being like that until the first year of my college years until I progressively became depressed. Although I have no hospital paperwork to prove that, I really researched about depression, signs that you have it, and I pretty much had all of those qualities.

I had some great friends to talk to, it helps, but talking to someone solely doesn’t really solve your problems. You need to get to the bottom of things and fix them yourself.

How did I overcome my depression? ⛅

Fortunately, I was blessed enough to live in a time where there is this thing called the internet, where you can almost find answers to almost anything.

I heavily surfed the internet searching for tips on how to overcome depression. Then, I found these countless articles and pages created by awesome people.

I just really took their pieces of advice to heart, and really believed that having strong faith in myself and with their help, I can overcome my depression.

And I did. I overcame it. I conquered my depression. I am a much, much happier person now.

This is the main reason I decided to start this blog. To share everything I knew and still will discover on the journey towards the brighter side of life.

But, what can you get from this blog? 🧐

In general, everything I post in this blog will be stuff that will help you be happier and more positive. The things I’ll share will either be lessons I learned in the past or something I just recently discovered.

The posts are also divided into three categories for organization and easy access. Here are the three main categories:Positivity, Wellness, and Entertainment.

☀️Positivity – would be all about general positivity, self-improvement tips, and pretty much everything that would help you towards a more positive you.

❤️Wellness – here, I would be posting everything heath-related, because I believe that a healthy you is a happy you.

🎭Entertainment – posts in this category would be just be random, sometimes weird stuff that I find entertaining. I am a person of many interests, so I hope some of them appeal to you.


I will be your FRIEND.

Together, we will strive hard to see life in a much brighter and happier perspective.


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